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Invest Capital in Appreciating Assets and Growth Avenues

Lease New Assets with PRAXIA


Lease New Assets


No Upfront Capital Investment

Invest capital in revenue generating business activities and appreciating assets

No Equity Dilution, No Loan

Operating lease is off-balance sheet financing in most cases

Competitive Rates & Terms

Our partnership with multiple banks, NBFCs and Venture Debts helps get competitive rates and terms

Sell Existing Assets and Lease Back with PRAXIA

Sale & Lease Back Existing Asset


Immediate Cash Infusion

Immediately infuse cash against depreciating assets for revenue generating avenues

Unrestricted Utilization

No limitations on avenues of utilization of the amount raised via sale and lease back

Significant Cashflow Advantage

Effective benefit of ~12.5% in cashflow vs long term loan

Sale & Lease Back Existing Asset

Additional Benefits

Multiple Financier Partnerships

We provide access to VDs, banks and NBFCs, ensuring tailored solutions for your specific needs

Tax Benefits

The entire lease payment is tax deductible; more beneficial than tax savings on ownership & depreciation

Faster Credit Line Access

The TAT for getting a credit line with Praxia is shorter compared to other sources - debt or equity.

We, at Praxia, understand that purchasing new equipment outright can be expensive, which is why we provide affordable leasing options to meet your business needs. Our leasing plans are flexible, and we work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and requirements. With our financial products- Conserve & Infuse, we assist customers in new asset leasing as well as sale and lease back of existing assets.


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